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Dear NLA Members & Interested Parties:

The NLA WEB SPONSOR PAGE - CLICK HERE is up and running. We encourage you to get your ad in as soon as possible in order that you don't miss out on this opportunity to promote your business/company to an industry focused web audience while continuing your support of Association activities.   For those good citizens who have already sent in your advertisement info and payment ($100/year), please give yourself a pat on the back and take the rest of the day off. 

For those of you that aspire to become good citizens please take a few moments to fill in your ad info below and email it to Web-Master:   Your payment ($100.00) for a one year ad should be made out to the Nevada Landmen's Association and sent to NLA: 

P.O. Box 21351 
Reno, Nevada 89515-1351 
Web Sponsor Ad 

(please indicate whether you will require a receipt) 

After you have accomplished this, you can consider yourself a good citizen, and you to may take the rest of the day off. 

We hope that you will see the value of advertising on the NLA WEB SPONSOR page, which will provide mutual benefits to your business as well as the Association.  Please print this page and take a moment to complete/submit your ad order and to process this invoice. 

We hope that you have had an opportunity to visit the NLA WEB SPONSOR PAGE by now
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Again the objective of the SPONSOR PAGE is twofold. The moneys generated through paid ads will enable NLA to sustain its Internet presence and continue to provide a timely and effective communication forum for its membership. The Web site enables the Association to accomplish significantly more in terms of communication, issue awareness, membership out reach and involvement, and establishes a stronger overall presence for NLA. 

Second, the NLA SPONSOR PAGE provides industry related businesses a focused audience to promote their respective service or company presence.  Visitors to the NLA site are logically there because of their involvement with the mining and land resource industries, making each site visitor a priority market hit for your service or company. At $100 per year this is likely very cost effective advertising.  The NLA site will soon be promoted by listing it with an array of Internet Search Engines, indexed to a host of industry related keywords, as well by cross linking with other industry associations ( re: AAPL, GSN, NMA, NPS, NWMA, RMMLF, WMA, and others), which should increase visitor hit response to the site.  Even without search engine listing the NLA site is currently generating significant traffic (1100+ hits since January) most likely attributable to NLA membership and other industry focused parties. 

We hope that you will see the value of advertising on the NLA WEB SPONSOR page, which will provide mutual benefits to your business as well as the Association.   Please contact Bill Houston with any questions and to order your ad space. 

Each ad listing will be created similar to those currently on the ad page, incorporating  a business logo graphic if desired,  listed alphabetically, providing a brief business/services description and contact info, including an active link to your web site (if applicable) as well as an active e-mail link.  Please fax or e-mail Bill Houston with the particulars for your ad. 

(Please fashion your info to generally fit the ad format as shown on the ad page). 


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